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Some of the Wonky family saw this band last Friday at Thekla. I love their songs but it was really refreshing to see two females kick it harder and better than I’ve witnessed any boys do in a long time!

Great guitar music with a fresh riot girrl attitude.

A couple of the Wonky crew made it down to the O2 Academy in Bristol on Tuesday to see LA’s all-girl 4-piece Warpaint and we have to admit, it was a corker of a set!

The girls sauntered around, swaying their hips against their guitars and gracefully enchanting the audience with their dark, brooding sound. The clever percussion and beguiling bass was interspersed with swirling layers of guitar and beautifully charming 3 and 4 part harmonies.

By the time they played ‘Undertow’ half way through, everyone was captivated… not by the stage show or lighting (which was classically understated) but by the electrifying yet laid back atmosphere they had charismatically created. Amazing gig and definitely ones to see again.

Warpaint – Undertow

Photography by Laura Palmer

How brilliant were MEN (back then, Le Tigre members Johanna Fateman and JD Samson) when they DJ’d at Wonky all those years ago? Don’t think the top floor has ever been so craaazed. Well they’re back, but this time with a new line up (still JD with Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Michael O’Neill) and a live show. Playing Start The Bus with support from Wonky DJs and an album drop the same week, this is going to be a special one!

MEN play STB on Tuesday 15th February
Tickets available from Bristol Ticket Shop for £6, get one…

Helsinki’s Flow Festival 2009

We couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed as we witnessed Lily Allen’s breakdown on stage in Helsinki at new festival, Flow. Playing to a 100,000 strong crowd- she broke down in tears mid-set complaining about a ‘bad back’ (FYI she’d just got back off holiday with Kate Moss so bad back is code for bad comedown) and although we felt a little sorry for her, compared to the good behaviour of the other bands and the inspiring composure of Helsinki’s cool kids, all she did was fly the flag for boozy Britain which isn’t always an appropriate look.

Lil-er’s aside- we caught some amazing sets from the likes of Vampire Weekend, White Lies, Fever Ray, Grace Jones, Kraftwerk and Ladyhawke. We also checked out some good Scandinavian acts that should all be on your musical radar. Jenny Wilson (who has previously laid down vocals for The Knife) is a 30-something singer-song writer with a quirky, soulful sound and Les Corps De Mince Francoise are an all girl trio with a feisty, electro sound that’s headed straight for the UK gig circuit.

So if you’ve already done Sonar and Bennicassim and are in need of a new European festival to check out then consider Flow. It’s clean, cool, and friendly and if you behave as well as the Finn’s you might come back feeling like you’ve actually had a holiday!


Fever Ray at the o2 Academy

Fever Ray-Photos Bex Wade 8

Whilst it wasn’t exactly music to bounce around the dance floor to, there’s no denying just how inspiring the Fever Ray live show really was. For those not in the know, Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer, lead singer and one half of Swedish brother /sister duo The Knife. If you’ve spent many a night down at Wonky you’ll be familiar with The Knife (naturally) and although the sounds of Fever Ray are a little darker at times, they are just as beautiful, although we are bias as we adore anything produced by the Dreijers.

Anyway, meanwhile back at the 02 Academy it was lasers, sinister costumes and smoke machines that made for a gig that made us feel as if we were front row at an abstract performance piece and that’s exactly what Fever Ray has to offer. Like early Bjork if you will, this is music that comes complete with its own, warped little world and we couldn’t stop thinking how lucky we were that Bristol had been blessed with such a radical presence. After all, we don’t get to the theatre much so it made a rather delightful change from sweaty, drunken gigs that we seem to frequent.

It wasn’t the busiest gig the academy has seen but that made it even more special. It was all about Fever Ray fans getting intimate for a show they knew they’d never forget and for those who’d been dragged down to the gig on a whim, it was a totally unforgettable experience. Fingers crossed for a second album or a new offering from The Knife soon. We want more.