It turns out Brightoners Blood Red Shoes can’t be that bored by the sea, as they’ve been busy whipping up third album In Time To Voices and are now gallivanting around the UK and Europe to tour it.

First impression: They’ve toned things down quite a bit, opting for a more sing’y and less shout’y approach which is always fine by me as I like words and hearing them. Knowing exactly what’s said is just a bonus. The album’s actually quite relaxed and melodic which I wasn’t expecting. I think there was almost definitely a keyboard and an acoustic guitar at some point…! Blood Red Who? One thing, there’s a LOT of backing vocal fillers throughout the album… More ooohs and ahhhs than I was expecting, like on almost every song. But it works, so whatevs. Plus it means Laura-Mary sings more, which is great because she has a sexy voice.

Track that I’ll almost certainly always fast-forward: ‘Je Me Perds’ (Great song but it sticks out like a sore thumb)

Track I’d want to hear every morning on the shower radio, if I had one, which sadly I don’t: In Time to Voices (in particular; her voice)

Track that actually makes me feel a serious feeling: ‘Slip Into Blue’ (pretty melodies, great harmonies and some unexpected key changes… three things I’m a sucker for)

I give this a “breaks no new ground, but it’s a happy return” out of 10.

They’re playing at Trinity Arts Centre in Bristol on Tuesday May 1st. Call 01179 299 008 for tickets. We’ve got ours already.

Blood Red Shoes – Stop Kicking