In between enjoying this sunshine spell Bristol’s been having, and packing up our CDs, decks and headphones ready for our big move in May, we’ve been blaring these three albums on the Wonky stereo (and admittedly busting out a few moves in the process) Take a listen……..

The Naked & FamousPassive Me, Aggressive You
Okay, so their band name perhaps invokes the wrong impression… overlook it and you’ll find an album that’s unabashed shimmery electro-pop, with a big dose of indie-pop for good measure. You’ve probably heard their single ‘Young Blood’ already, which is a huge album highlight (dare I say summer anthem?) and apart from a couple of skippable tracks, the album on a whole makes us wish it was summer already, just so we could play this really loud on a roadtrip to somewhere awesome…

Naked & Famous – All Of This

Naked & Famous – Young Blood

Funeral PartyFuneral Party
Put simply; it’s relentlessly pounding, shouty, ‘in your face’, indie-rock, with a electropop-punk edge. Nothing more, nothing less. Think… bastard brother to Vampire Weekend, second-cousin to the Hives… Errm, yes pleeeeease…

Funeral Party – Giant Song

The Boxer RebellionThe Cold Still
Self released, mid-tempo, indie-rock with a slightly melancholic folk feel to it… Think ‘Only By The Night’ Kings Of Leon vs decent tracks from the Editors or The National… not one for the Wonky dancefloors, but definitely a good one for the Sunday evening after…

The Boxer Rebellion – Cause For Alarm