Can you believe it’s been five years since Broken Social Scene released a full band album? No joke, it has, but it’s been worth the wait. This time around, the Canadian collective have whittled down the core group to a mere six members, while still keeping the cameo appearances from a list as long as your arm. But the new streamlined recording approach seems to have made a more consistent, united album. It’s hard to compare their sound.. The Rapture vs Land Of Talk perhaps? Let’s face it, they just sound like themselves but matured; which isn’t a bad thing.

The new offering Forgiveness Rock Record released on 10th May is breezy, summery, engaging… and all those other positive adjectives that spring to mind just from the first listen. It takes us back to a time before regular joe’s became YouTube bedroom stars, before everyone was in constant connection on social networking sites, when the hefty first generation iPod had a monochrome text screen and when computerised sounds were just being introduced regularly into modern music.

But despite the nostalgia trip, Forgiveness Rock Record still has a fresh sound about it, weaving forward at a comfortable speed, pulling the listener along whilst occasionally stopping to let you absorb what you’re hearing. It’s seamlessly littered with interesting world influences; such as the reggae acapella on ‘Highway Slipper Jam’, the steel-string Asian tinged intro on ‘Ungrateful Little Father’ and the shredding guitars and pounding percussion instrumental ‘Meet Me In The Basement’ which is easily enough to give the likes of Snow Patrol a red face. Plus there’s a couple of hidden gems – such as ‘Sweetest Kill’ and Emily Haines’ ‘Sentimental X’s’ – that sneak up towards the end and provide light refreshment set apart from all the epic early-naughties indie sound. Although the last two tracks could well have been cut without affecting listening pleasure, overall it’s a solid, multifarious album which will stand the time test and makes us Wonkers happy that BSS haven’t become full of BS.

Expect to hear tracks from this album played upstairs at the Wonky Indie Disco… As if I even had to tell you that.

Broken Social Scene – Forced To Love

Broken Social Scene – All To All