We Have Band – Honeytrap

It’s been a long wait for We Have Band‘s full length to hit our ears. After being teased with singles ‘Oh!’ and ‘We Came Out’ for well over a year, finally their Wonky-friendly debut WHB – produced by the brains behind Grizzly Bear – gives us an interesting mix of dancefloor pop and darkened indie; so dark in fact that the first two tracks made me double check I was listening to the right band.

These guys obviously have talent, crafting an album that’s cohesive but simultaneously diverse. Once WHB gets into the swing of it, it becomes reminiscent of early Bloc Party (remember when they were good?) but with an injection of Depeche Mode 80’s style Casio.

The switch around of vocals and genres keeps it interesting and fresh with only a couple of tracks showing a weakness in the London trio’s newly found confidence. It’s by no means rocket science but it’s great fun and if they continue with this working formula, these guys could actually do better than what’s already pretty darn good.