Kelis – Acapella

Kelis has always been known for her pop trickery, where Milkshake married together r&b and electric vibes for sickly sweet bliss. Acapella is without doubt though, or at least in my own music scoresheet opinion, her finest and most daring song to date. The titanic heartbeat that starts and veins throughout is an injection you cant resist, illustrating the collaboration with Ibiza heavyweight David Guetta. Thankfully Kelis’s avant garde pop  keeps a commercial label at bay though. Her voice is as creamy as ever, sounding like a soulful M.I.A . I cant quite conclude whether the song is a guilty pleasure or not, but it brings out a dancing addiction in me, and that most definately is a good thing.

Yeasayer – O.N.E

MGMT and Vampire Weekend’s second albums didn’t quite fulfil my expectations. But being a must slut of sorts, I quickly moved on and fell in love with a band that offers a refreshing psychadelic sound. Yeasayer sound like a Carribean drug trip; or electro music with reggae undertones to put it in less surreal terms. Even the slow stripped down moments in ‘One’ carry a beat that is hard to resist; like an intoxicating juxtaposition of ambience and loud beats. Expect this song early on in the Wonky night to introduce some reggae flavour.