Simian Mobile Disco ft. Beth Ditto – Cruel Intentions

Whilst The Gossip’s new album might not have been quite the cultural explosion expected, it contains some undeniably killer tracks. Four Letter Word is my favourite, chugging along to some industrial-sounding electronic beats and bass. Understated but amazing, Beth Ditto’s vocals are complemented perfectly. Simian Mobile Disco’s latest offering to enter the blogosphere is a similar beast, once again featuring Beth on vocals. More of an italo disco track and with a gentler kick, it’s still something of a juggernaught. Check Joker’s superb dubstep rework as well, if you can find it lurking down the back of metaphorical internet sofa.


Vitalic – Terminator Benelux

Vitalic is a man who knows how to look after his fans. It’s been four years since his last album and as the release of his next offering ‘Flashmob’ is still over a month away, he’s treating us to a mini-album first. Okay, so it’s only a two track EP for the album’s first release ‘Your disco song’ but as die hard fans we are beyond excited as we’re sure you’ll be too. Maybe it’s his French way of making smooth sounding techno that we can’t resist or maybe it’s the fact that he’s knocked up a few winning remixes of some our favourite songs but either way ‘Your disco song’ and ‘Terminateur Benelux’ (the original tracks the EP offers) make us want it to be the weekend. For all you artsy types reading this, head to his myspace page to check out the artwork for the new album too. It’s beautiful, cosmic and graphic all at the same time and that’s just how we like things – a little bit dreamy with neon-coloured fumes of smoke jetting out of it. Just like Wonky, then, yeah?


Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Jamie T remix)

Whilst Rabbit Heart may be nowhere near the strongest song on her album, it’s remixers have turned out some stunners. Jamie T’s effort goes full on nineties with some tough breakbeats, uplifting piano stabs and should be a dancefloor bomb in any settting. Leo Zero takes the track into Balearic disco realms with some stripped down and dubbed out percussion and also puts lots of emphasis on the piano parts. Switch’s is a slightly bizarre fast-paced-electro-dancehall-Baltimore type thing, and whilst odd, is also pretty special.