Meet music’s class of 2009 (so far)…


Usually when the Mercury Music Prize nominees are announced, we roll our eyes at most of the list which usually consists of boring singer song writer types and one token good act the rest of the world starts listening to after the awards have been broadcast. So, we were surprised to hear that this year that some of our favourite acts have found their albums up for the award. Friendly Fires, Bat For Lashes, The Horrors and Florence and The Machine are all talents we’ve spent the summer listening to (and they’ve all played Bristol this year too- except for Florence who swans in to the O2 in September). We’re still baffled as to why La Roux’s so-so efforts at a pop-synth album are nominated but ginger quiff aside, it’s nice to know that the corporate music heavies are looking to the younger, cooler music muses that really are setting good examples of the MTV generation and its also a nice reminder of what good taste we have. We do, however, think Metronomy were robbed by not being nominated as we think its high time they scored their big break. If anyone can explain why so many journalists keep saying how shocked they are that Lily Allen‘s ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ wasn’t nominated we’d  be grateful as we don’t agree. The Fear was a fantastic single but come on, Lily Allen winning the mercury music prize? We don’t think so. Party girl not musical genius. Anyway, here at Wonky towers we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Friendly Fires to win and not just because they’ve hit up Bristol twice this year. Those boys (who dance so well you’d think they’re gay) have racked up some of the best songs all year and without them we’d be a few dances down on the Wonky dancefloor.