Fever Ray at the o2 Academy

Fever Ray-Photos Bex Wade 8

Whilst it wasn’t exactly music to bounce around the dance floor to, there’s no denying just how inspiring the Fever Ray live show really was. For those not in the know, Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer, lead singer and one half of Swedish brother /sister duo The Knife. If you’ve spent many a night down at Wonky you’ll be familiar with The Knife (naturally) and although the sounds of Fever Ray are a little darker at times, they are just as beautiful, although we are bias as we adore anything produced by the Dreijers.

Anyway, meanwhile back at the 02 Academy it was lasers, sinister costumes and smoke machines that made for a gig that made us feel as if we were front row at an abstract performance piece and that’s exactly what Fever Ray has to offer. Like early Bjork if you will, this is music that comes complete with its own, warped little world and we couldn’t stop thinking how lucky we were that Bristol had been blessed with such a radical presence. After all, we don’t get to the theatre much so it made a rather delightful change from sweaty, drunken gigs that we seem to frequent.

It wasn’t the busiest gig the academy has seen but that made it even more special. It was all about Fever Ray fans getting intimate for a show they knew they’d never forget and for those who’d been dragged down to the gig on a whim, it was a totally unforgettable experience. Fingers crossed for a second album or a new offering from The Knife soon. We want more.